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I am working on a new project – a session in a library!  For one reason or another, I have been itching to do one – so I have opened up this opportunity to anyone willing to be a model bookworm for me – provided I can convince a library to let us use their dusty shelves and vast book collection as a backdrop for about 30 minutes!  I have 5 openings to fill 🙂

Pending library approval…….

  • Models will get this session for FREE – plus the first 3 to schedule will get a special gift!
  • Also included will be a coupon towards prints & products!

Once I get official word that we have the go-ahead for this project, I will let everyone know.  I hope to get this information today.  In the meanwhile, I know I have 2 already interested, that leaves 3 slots – please let me know if you’re also willing!

1 wardrobe change is possible during the session.  If you have ‘nerdy glasses” please bring them with you to the session, or you can borrow mine (yes, I’m ever so slightly nerdy).

*The Tiny Print*

Models must live within 60 miles of Chrisman, Illinois and have a local library close to your location willing to participate or be willing to travel to a library who has previously given consent.

Shhh, be very very quiet!


I hope to get this blog started right and show just exactly the reasons I love what I do.  A photographer isn’t measured by the certificates hung on the wall, or the amount of lenses stored in a bag.  They aren’t measured by the money spent on a fancy camera or the equipment that broke the bank for those amazing shots in a studio.  Nor are they measured by the software on a computer that edits in one click.

A photographer is measured by what is in the picture.  The containment of a memory put forth on paper or virtually shared, is what measures the worth of a photographer.  Yes, all those things listed above aid a photographer and help them to achieve greatness, but their passion for the right angle and seeing what is possible in each picture is worth its weight in gold.

Photography is my passion, and I want to share that with the world.  Believe it or not, I have been criticized for being “too inexpensive”.  It’s 2012, the financial crisis our society is dealing with has led to a slump, one that everyone fears we will not get out of.  When I first opened up SMTSP years ago, my primary goal was to give high quality service at a reasonable price.  I know what it’s like to not be able to afford something – the first 6 years of my children’s lives were not captured in pictures because we couldn’t afford to do so.  It isn’t about the money for me, I love working with people and being creative.

Let the pictures speak volumes – after all, they are worth a thousand words.

Why I do what I do.

Valentine’s Sessions – time is running out!

Time is running out!

Book today! (217) 251-7380

Time is running out to get your Valentine’s session booked!  To get your images back in time for Valentine’s, you must book your session before Feb 1, 2012.


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